Shrex Group launches it Premier Online Education Portal

The Business Conglomerate from Mumbai – Shrex Group has launched its premier learning portal by the name of Shrex Learning. It is an educational technology company with a focus on creating courses that have are practical and are exclusive to their platform.

The company describes itself as “Real Educators.” On being asked why do they claim the name, the Executive Chairman of Shrex Group, Rex Pereira replied, “You go out there and find that there are thousands of universities providing outdated textbook knowledge and terming it as life-changing education. The same trend is now copied online where thousands of websites provide university lessons in the name of education. Most of this is not at all pragmatic and applicable in the real world. We started this company to beat the stigma of creating university-like textbook courses and call it education. Hence, the term Real Educators – the once who provide the type of learning you really need.”

Exclusive Courses
Shrex Learning curates its own courses and works with trusted partners to source content for their portal. On the launch, the portal started with just 6 courses but loved by thousands of learners who joined in the first few hours of the platform launch. The exclusive list of courses includes Python for Quantitive Finance, Art in Advertising, Earning in time of Recession and much more. The company claims that these courses deliver high value and real-life experiential learning from that field. Given that these courses are created by vetted instructors who provide coursework exclusive to the platform.

Choosing Instructors
Shrex Learning has well-defined internal vetting and selection system for instructors. The website offers a provision to register as an instructor but an instructor does not get approved until he/she meets the criteria set out by the company. An executive from the company was asked about the vetting process, “It is extremely important to us that we put course content is extremely relevant, factual, practical and of great value. When the company was founded, we were approached by the founders of Shrex Group and it was made sure that we do not compromise quality at any level of the company. Unfortunately, I cannot disclose the vetting process but I can assure you that it is very rigorous and important to us.”

Affordable Pricing and Instruction Design
Shrex Learning is on a mission to democratize education. The courses on the website are extremely affordable and within the range of INR 399-5000 ($5 to $65) while delivering the quality of courses that would not cost you less than INR 10,000 ($130). This kind of affordability makes it possible for all kinds of learners to enroll in courses and learn their choice of subjects. Affordability coupled with pragmatic instruction design sets the company apart as per their website.

Vision Going Forward
Shreyash Mishra, President & CEO of Shrex Group, was asked about the vision of the company going forward and he describes it as “I have been personally associated with education since childhood. My Grandfather was a teacher and my mom today is head of a school. Growing up in such an environment led me to realize how vital education is. One fine morning, Rex and I were expressing our concern for the lack of practical education and skill gap across the world. That’s when this idea was born. Shrex Learning was created to make education relevant again. Going forward in the post-pandemic era, we will be roping in elite people like businessmen and celebrities who know their industry better than anyone else. Our plan is to work with industry leaders to create the kind of learning that is valued and highly applicable in such a cut-throat competitive world.”

Shrex Learning is now available globally with certificate courses taught and evaluated online.

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