Rare Routes Announces Expansion in Indo-Western Apparels

Rare Routes, a subsidiary of Mumbai-based conglomerate Shrex Group, is excited to announce its plans to launch a new brand and expand its presence in the Indo-western women’s wear sector.

As a retail and e-commerce firm committed to sustainability, innovation, and humanistic understanding, Rare Routes strives to create a future where all living beings can thrive. With the launch of its new brand, Rare Routes will continue to uphold these values while offering customers a unique shopping experience that combines traditional Indian craftsmanship with contemporary designs.

“Our goal is to offer customers high-quality products that embody our commitment to sustainability and innovation,” said a spokesperson for Rare Routes. “We are confident that our new brand will be well-received by our customers, who have come to expect the highest standards of quality and innovation from Rare Routes.”

Rare Routes’ new brand launch and expansion in the Indo-western women’s wear sector is a testament to its commitment to sustainable economic growth, social progress, and technological innovation. By drawing on diverse perspectives, scientific breakthroughs, humanistic understanding, and sustainability practices, Rare Routes is positioned to deliver exceptional products and services that promote the well-being of all living beings on our planet.

For more information about Rare Routes and its new brand launch, please stay tuned.

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