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Characterized As Boundless

When you become a part of us, you enter a form of boundlessness – a state of being where nothing transcends your mission and you’d stop at nothing to drive the change you wish to see. In that spirit, all our members are guided by three core values – purpose, relationships, and technology.


We are committed to Integrated Planetary Advancement ie to advance and enrich the entire biosphere. The company's purpose is not just about achieving profits, but creating advancements, wealth, and prosperity for all of society, in line with the principle of "Sarva loka hitam" ie "the well-being of all stakeholders."

Deep Relationships

We work tirelessly to cultivate meaningful and enduring relationships that transcend the mere transactional nature of business. Our relationships with our employees, investors, customers, suppliers, and anyone who interacts with us are built on trust, mutual respect, and a deep sense of purpose – for ourselves and the world.

Human-Centred Technology

We believe that our responsibility lies not only in developing advanced technological solutions but also in understanding how they can be effectively integrated into society. By taking a human-centred approach, we strive to create technology that enhances, rather than detracts from, the human experience.

Open Roles

Our roles are quite dynamic in nature when it comes to the sheer size of firms, there is no shortage of opportunities. While there are some roles mentioned here – we are always looking to work with interesting folks. Tell us what you’re passionate about and there’s a fair chance, we can place you somewhere.

Marketing Director
Shrex Design

Director – Fundraising
Swissjack Capital

Managing Partner
Shrex Agro

Director – Partnerships
Cosdec Alpha

Blockchain Lead
Cosdec Labs

Retail Manager
Rare Routes

Cosdec Alpha

and 100+ more roles across brands…

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