Communication Ethics

At Shrex Group, courtesy, tact and consideration should guide each employee in relationships with fellow workers and the public. It is mandatory that each employee in this organization show maximum respect to every other person in the organization and other contacts in a business context. The purpose of communication should be to help others and to make our business run as effectively as possible, thereby gaining the respect of our colleagues and customers.

  • Courtesy, honesty, and a spirit of helpfulness are important and guide the company’s dealings with employees and customers.
  • All communications with clients, seniors, colleagues and subordinates are expected to adhere to utmost professional standards and practices laid out in this document. Decorum leading to, during or after any form of communication including digital and physical meetings is to be maintained.
  • We do not discourage fraternizing between teams and we believe it helps foster better ideas however, at no point should the decorum and respect for an authority, senior, external stakeholder, teammate be compromised in business settings including the office, digital and physical meetings outside the office and any other official engagement or venue.
  • Differences of opinion should be handled privately and discreetly. Gossip and backbiting are strictly discouraged. Communicate directly with the person or persons involved to resolve differences.
  • Conservative criticism — that which will improve business by clarifying or instructing — should be welcomed when delivered with respect and tact. Destructive criticism — that which is designed to harm business or another person — is not to be practiced.
  • Employees should strive to maintain a civil work atmosphere at all times and refrain from shouting, yelling, using vulgarities or swearing at co-workers or customers.
  • The standard of Shrex Group is a work environment free from disparaging remarks about religion, ethnicity, sexual preferences, appearance and other non-work related matters. Each employee has the responsibility to foster an understanding of others’ differences in order to create an environment where those differences contribute to a better organization.
  • Inappropriate remarks based on any of the following are not tolerated and such behavior may result in immediate termination of employment: race, religion, ethnic origin, physical attributes, mental or physical disability, color, ancestry, marital status, pregnancy, medical condition, citizenship and/or age. Inappropriate remarks include those that treat a group of people in a uniform way, assign a behavior in a disparaging way, imply inferiority of a group, are supposedly funny at someone else’s expense, and/or cause embarrassment or distress to others based on comments about a particular group of people.

Engagement Policies

We are committed to building a healthy and collaborative culture in the company and in order to facilitate the same, we have the following recommendations for our teams.

  1. All team members to be available for communication and should be reachable during the business hours.
  2. If a member has a scheduled meeting or is unable to attend/respond to communication due to other business purposes then he/she should promptly respond to missed communications at the earliest or ensure that the person trying to reach you is informed of the same via email, text or a message delivered by a subordinate or colleague.
  3. For responses that need further action such as research or consultation then an ideal response time should be communicated. For example, “Let me check that and come back to you in 1 hour/at 12 PM.”
  4. No delay in responses will be tolerated until in the case of a genuine emergency as deemed appropriate by your manager. Poor communication will be held against your conduct during the time of appraisal.
  5. All engagements are expected to follow professionalism and adhere to any communication policies set by the company or your managers. 
  6. Your manager holds the right to amend or supersede a communication policy in all fairness as per the nature of the work overtaken by the team in spirit of enhanced productivity.
  7. In the spirit of prompt responses, we are expecting you to follow the below mentioned response timelines:
ChannelResponse Time
Email3 Hours (during Working Hours) or 24 Hours within receipt except holidays.
CallsInstant/At the Earliest during Working Hours
WhatsApp or Similar PlatformWithin 1 Hour (during Working Hours) or 24 Hours within receipt except holidays.
Company Authorized Communication PlatformWithin 1 Hour (during Working Hours) or 24 Hours within receipt except holidays.
Video/Voice ConferencesAs Scheduled

The information contained in this document is intended to provide guiding policies on the topic of communication and workplace engagement, but should not be construed as legal advice or a legal opinion.

If a policy is being violated or if you have a report to make for misconduct, kindly privately report to your manager or an equivalent authority in People Operations. We are committed to creating a healthy environment for you and we seek your support in holding the company operations to the highest standards. The People Operations team at Shrex Group holds the right to change, amend or withdraw these policies at any time. Any changes will be communicated to you via an official channel. We are always open to your feedback and suggestions. You can reach us at

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