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The Future is Digital & Automated. For us, technology is a medium of happiness and at Shrex we strive to deliver products and services to our customers which make them feel happier. Our aim is to design products that are so good, that our users never want to get rid of it. That's what we stand for, Happiness through Great Design.

Shreyash Mishra – CEO, Shrex Group

Shrex Group is a business group based in Mumbai with operations in various industries. We are accepting investments for our subsidiaries and not the parent company. For more information, how we plan to grow and invest your money, get in touch with us at invest@shrexgroup.com

Growth Areas

How Shrex Group Plans to Grow in the Next Year

  • There are lot of Businesses that still hone practices from the 1970s. With the technological prowess of Shrex Design, we plan to automate everyday practices to yield great results.
  • We are pioneers in digital transformation of traditional businesses. Over the year we plan to focus on helping business go online and use modern techologies to fuel their growth.
  • We are investing our resources in various startups and technologies - building a strong base for the future.

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